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Is there a radiation in the Solar Home System

With the popularity of photovoltaic, there are many people want to know: the roof installed so many PV modules, inverter output so much current, there is no electromagnetic radiation, the human body and home appliances have no effect?

What is electromagnetic radiation

What is radiation? It refers to the object in the form of waves or particles to the surrounding space to launch energy process. All the objects in nature as long as the temperature above absolute zero, will be in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles kept to the outside world to send energy, in other words, the world has radiation, including the body itself, all the time in the outward radiation , Such as the sun, in fact, is to accept the sun's radiation. However, not all of the radiation is harmful, and some even inseparable from it, such as the sun's radiation - the sun, the earth's growth needs all the sun.

Although the electromagnetic radiation does not change the molecular nature of the organism, causing direct damage, but if the energy is large, will also have a certain impact on the organism, reflected in two aspects: thermal effects and induced current. Household equipment can also cause interference, such as cell phones, radios and televisions.

The generation of electromagnetic radiation

According to the basic theory of electromagnetism, there will be a corresponding electric field distribution around the charged particles. The charged particles will change with time. If there is a potential difference between the two points with different potentials around the charged particles, Voltage; when a large number of charged particles move when the formation of the current, the current around the magnetic field, with the time of the current will change the magnetic field. Similarly, the time-varying magnetic field can also produce electric field, so that changes in the electric field and the magnetic field alternately generated, perpendicular to each other and continue to spread to the space, resulting in electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation carried by the size of the energy depends on the frequency of the high and low frequency, the greater the energy.

Electromagnetic radiation of photovoltaic systems

PV system is composed of photovoltaic modules, brackets, DC cables, inverters, AC cables, power distribution cabinets, transformers and other components, which stent is not charged, naturally does not produce electromagnetic interference. PV modules and DC cables, which are DC current, the direction does not change, can only produce electric field, can not produce magnetic field. Although the output transformer is AC, but the frequency is very low, only 50Hz, the resulting magnetic field is very low. Inverter is the DC power into the AC equipment, which has a power electronic transformation, the frequency is generally 5-20KHz, it will produce alternating electric field, it will also produce electromagnetic radiation. The state has strict standards for electromagnetic compatibility of photovoltaic inverters.

PV Inverter EMC electromagnetic interference solution PV inverter electromagnetic radiation, compared with household appliances, and notebook computers about the same, lower than the induction cooker, hair dryer, refrigerator. So do not worry.

PV inverter as a power electronic equipment, switching frequency is higher, group string inverter is usually about 20K, the current is relatively large, if not take measures, there will be a lot of electromagnetic interference. The usual methods are shielding, filtering and grounding three methods. Shield can effectively suppress electromagnetic interference through space propagation. The purpose of shielding is two, one is to limit the internal radiation electromagnetic energy outside the control area, the other is to prevent the external radiation electromagnetic energy into the internal control area, the inverter using aluminum or iron conductor all-metal package. Filtering is to control EMI conduction interference, usually using three devices to achieve: decoupling capacitors, EMI filters and magnetic components. Inverter input and output are X capacitors and Y capacitors, common mode inductors, and magnetic beads, magnetic rings and other magnetic components. Regardless of the method used to suppress EMI interference, eventually through the ground to the electrostatic discharge, so the grounding of the inverter is very important. In addition to suppressing EMI interference, the ground also provides zero potential reference points and safety protection and so on.

In general, photovoltaic systems have electromagnetic radiation, but less, the use of qualified equipment, will not cause harm to the human body and cause interference to household appliances. PV module is a direct current, will not produce radiation, the inverter radiation strictly controlled in the safe range, the installation should also note the following: inverter do not install the bedroom and living room, try to install in the outdoor, ground (PE) Must be connected, the corresponding grounding system device must be complete and in line with specifications.

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